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Derek with his new Solis 26 and backhoe digger attachment.

Derek in Wiltshire was looking for a compact tractor that could dig trenches for pipes and construction.

James :: Tuesday 12th November 2019

Derek taking delivery of his brand new Solis 26 compact tractor and backhoe digger. He was looking for a machine capable of digging trenches for a range of construction tasks and after discussing his requirements with James, found the Solis 26 with a backhoe digger would be ideal.

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Nick with his new Solis 26 and Flail Combi Collector

Nick from Wiltshire was looking for a machine for use in his plantation... and we delivered!

James :: Tuesday 5th November 2019

Nick was in need of a new compact tractor and attachment to manage his plantation. He has recently planted a new orchard and needed to mow the tree lines and meadows surrounding it. After looking at the new Solis 26 at Tallut Machinery, he opted for this tractor along with a flail combi collector.

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Dudley with new Solis 26 and Flail Mower

Dudley Margire-Jones from Dorset was looking for a new tractor and mower... and we delivered.

James :: Monday 14th October 2019

Dudley was delighted with the new Solis 26 and flail mower purchased from Tallut Machinery.

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James at Tallut Machinery Visited By Presidents of Solis / Sonalika International Tractors Ltd

President of Solis/Sonalika International Tractors Ltd and Mr Ashish Sehgal, Associate Vice President, fly in to visit James at Tallut Machinery...

James :: Friday 11th October 2019

Mr Gaurav Saxena, President of Solis/Sonalika International Tractors Ltd and Mr Ashish Sehgal, Associate Vice President fly in to visit James at Tallut Machinery, along with Mr Sandeep Dhiman and Mr Tarvinder Anand who cover Solis European & UK sales.

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James with his new Solis 26 in action.

Solis 26 Compact Tractor on Industrial tyres fitted with rear tipping transport Box

James :: Thursday 10th October 2019

Another happy Solis customer.....James on his Solis 26 compact tractor ready for action..

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Stuart with his Solis 26 tractor moving timber and trees.

Solis 26 tractor on Industrial tyre complete with Solis loader & 4in1 bucket in forestry application.

James :: Friday 4th October 2019

Stuart collecting his Solis 26 & Loader for his French timber operation.

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Jeremy with his new Solis 26

Dr Jeremy picked up a brand new Solis 26 with various implements to help him maintain his new farm.

James :: Tuesday 1st October 2019

Dr Jeremy Hogg taking delivery of his new Solis 26 tractor with various attachments

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Neil taking delivery of his New Solis 26 with Finishing Mower

Another happy customer - Neil bought a Solis 26 compact tractor complete with finishing mower from Tallut Machinery.

James :: Tuesday 17th September 2019

Neil - the proud owner of his new Solis 26 compact tractor on grass tyres and 1.8m finishing mower. Just what he needed to keep his fields looking well maintained and the grass under control. The finishing mower offers an even grass cut height as it is in constant contact with the ground with its adjustable roller wheels. The Solis 26 on turf/grass tyres allows Neil to drive across the field with hardly a track mark left....A perfect combination for the owner who wants to enjoy regularly cutting their grass to give a great lawn finish.

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Gavin and his New Solis 26 cutting lawns

Gavin set to work mowing his grass after purchasing a Solis 26 and flail mower.

James :: Tuesday 10th September 2019

Gavin was extremely pleased with his brand new Solis 26 compact tractor and flail mower from Tallut Machinery - he tested it out mowing his grass the very day it was delivered. With being able to move the flail mower from side to side from the tractors seat he is able to get to the edges of his lawns or along his field hedgerows to cut the grass right up to the fence lines, and closer to trees. ' A great solution to makes mowing easier'

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Chris with his Solis 26 and Winton Flail Mower

Airfield owner Chris needed a new machine to easily tackle everyday mowing jobs. He found the perfect solution with our Solis 26 tractor and Winton Flail Mower with hydraulic side shift capabilities.

James :: Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Chris owns a local airfield and was struggling to keep the grass mowed down on the runways. After meeting with James at Tallut Machinery he found the Solis 26 would be ideal for the job, along with the Winton Flail Mower with hydraulic side shift capabilities. His everyday mowing tasks are now easier than ever. Safe flying Chris

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Andrew-with New Solis 26 in the Strawberry Fields

New Solis 26 on Agri tyres in the Strawberry Fields at The Purbeck Food Company, Nr Corfe Castle, Dorset

James :: Tuesday 4th June 2019

Andrew & Louise at the The Purbeck Food Company required a tractor with mower that would mow between their rows of Strawberries, Blueberries & Raspberries on their Pick Your Own site at Lenctenbury Farm near Corfe Castle in Dorset, After initially speaking with James, Andrew & Louise visited Tallut Machinery to view and try the Solis 26 compact tractors with various wheel & tyre options. Andrew required a tractor that would fit down the narrow rows and of soft fruits to mow & maintain the grass ready for the public to visit when the fruit is ripe to pick. As they grow very high quality fruit they wanted to ensure the tractor did not touch the plants or fruit crop. The Solis 26 tractor on the standard agricultural tyres and fitted with a finishing mower at only 4ft wide was ideal choice.

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Solis 50 4wd with Solis Loader

Solis 50 4wd with Solis Front Loader working on sheep & beef farm near Wincanton

James :: Friday 24th May 2019

Annie was looking for a good value for money, well built tractor with front loader to replace her existing 'old in the tooth' Case tractor & loader.

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