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I need to keep the grass in my fields looking neat.

The Solis 50 with Heavy Duty Flail Mower will managed all types a grass fields keeping them cut neatly to the height required

 I have many customers that rely on local contractors to keep there fields looking up together especially if they have no stock animals to graze the grass. However often it is difficult to have their fields cut when they need it and they would ideally like to do it themselves if they could?  Well you now have the solution.  A Solis tractor with Flail Mower

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I have 30-120 acres and want to maintain my land cost effectively?

The Solis 50hp to 75hp tractors are exceptionally good value for money.

If you have land to look after and maintain from 30 to 120 acres and want to do it yourself and not be reliant on others, then we have a cost effective and reliable tractor to offer.

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What size tractor do I require for up to 20 acres to manage the land.

The Solis 26 is an ideal compact tractor for maintaining land up to 20 acres

If you have 1 acre or 20 acres of land and want to manage it yourself then the Solis 26 Compact Tractor is the ideal answer. It is more than capable of cutting the grass, rolling or harrowing the fields and if fitted with a loader can make light work of moving muck heaps, hay & straw bales and many more tasks. The Solis 26 tractor is simple to operate, with power steering to make turning an easy task, and very well built with plenty of power to handle a range of equipment and attachments for all your field/paddock & yard maintenance.

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How can I cut up my logs, firewood and branches more easily.

A saw bench makes cutting logs or timber to your chosen length an easy task.

A saw bench is a much safer and quicker way to cut up timber and logs to the required length for fires and wood burners than a chain saw,

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How can I split logs more easily

Hydraulic log splitters make light work for splitting fire wood

 Fed up using an axe to split your logs!... then the range of British made Oxdale log splitters are your answer. Offering a simple fast and easy solution to splitting logs and firewood using hydraulic power and reliable splitting head. With a range of versions from tractor mounted hydraulic or PTO powered to free standing petrol or electric powered version, we have one to suit all requirements

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Do I need to roll my fields?

Rolling not only helps keeping the field surface more even but also pushes stones down into the surface which is beneficial for animals as well as for machinery when grass cutting.

 The British made Oxdale range of Land/Paddock Rollers are ideal for rolling fields and paddocks to help maintain the ground conditions and improve the surface.

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Whats great for mowing long grass in paddocks/fields

The Del Morino Flail Mowers are a great all round mower. They will cut high grass and undergrowth reducing it down to small chopped material, whilst they can leave an almost lawn finish when used more regularly to cut field grass.

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